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YSU holds meeting for 2019 undergraduate enrollment and admission



[News from the News Center] On July 8, YSU held the meeting for 2019 undergraduate enrollment and admission. Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Li Rong, Secretary of YSU Commission for Discipline Inspection, and Wang Baocheng, YSU Vice President, attended the meeting as well as the working staff. The meeting was presided over by Wang Baocheng.

At the meeting, Zhang Hongbing, Director of the Admissions and Career Services, conveyed the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Hebei Education Department on enrollment and admission and introduced YSU’s plan, publicity, and preparation.

The meeting in session

Zhao Xianfeng speaks at the meeting.

Li Rong speaks at the meeting.

(Photos above from Admissions and Career Services)

Li Rong said that since the admissions work has been given extensively concern by the society, all working staff should strengthen their sense of responsibility, conscientiously implement the “Sunshine Project”, strictly obey the admission policies, systems and procedures; strictly abide by the disciplines and requirements; inspection staff should perform their duties effectively to ensure the fairness, publicity, justice and integrity of the admission.

Zhao Xianfeng stressed that all working staff should attach great attention to the admission and complete with high qualityconsidering that the admissionis of the greatest importance of the talent training and that it is directly related to the quality of talent trainingand the reputation of the university. Zhao put forward five specific requirements: first,they shouldhave a high sense of mission and be responsiblefor the party, the country, and the school, as well as formillions ofcandidates and their families; second, they should think in big-picture terms and strictly observe organizational discipline; third,they should be trainedand educated before the work to ensurethe quality of the enrollment; fourth,they should abide by the disciplines and requirements; fifth,they should stick to the practice of putting candidates first and improve themselves to provide better service throughout the enrollment.

Wang Baocheng pointed out that all working staff should fully understand and implement the requirements, orderlycomplete the undergraduate enrollment and admissionwith highquality and efficiency, and contribute to building YSUa “Double First-class” university.

This year, YSU plans to enroll a total of 6345 students in 30 provinces and municipalities across the country, involving many batches and types. Onceany batch is finished, the results will be released athttp://www.ysu.edu.cn/. The acceptance letter will be sent out at the end of July.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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