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YSU 2019 Graduation Gala


[News from the News Center] At 19:00, May 26, YSU 2019 Graduation Gala was held at Room 109, Student Activity Center, East Campus. Zhao Xianfeng, YSU Party Secretary, Zhao Dingxuan, YSU President, Li Rong, Secretary of YSU Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhao Yongsheng, YSU Vice President, Wang Baocheng, YSU Vice President, Ren Jiadong, YSU Vice President, and other leaders from YSU departments and schools attended the gala.

Zhao XIangfeng speaks at the gala. (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi, the News Center)

At the gala, Zhao Xianfeng delivered a speech with the title of forging ahead in glorious youth. Zhao reviewed the four-year college life with the students and expressed heartfelt happiness and pride for their achievements in academic results, social practice, and cultural and sport activities. He put forward three suggestions for the graduates, who are about to leave the campus and face choicesin their life. First, they should always care about their family and country. Second, they shouldfirmly adhere to lofty ideals and convictions. Third, they shouldtake on social responsibility. He hoped that the students will become a new generation of YSUers and practitioners who have the feelings, dare to take responsibility and demonstrate dedication. ?

The gala was divided into three sessions, which helped students make clear the relationship between individuals, collective and the country with unforgettable friendships among classmates and between teachers and students, and love for family and country.

Dance Bachelors (Photographed by JiaMengwei, the News Center)

Song The Origin (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi, the News Center)

Instrumental performance Big Fish (Photographed by Zhang Bo, the News Center) ?

Drama performance (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi, the News Center)

Drum Dance (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi, the News Center)

Musical play Farewell YSU (Photographed by Wang Xiaoqi, the News Center) ?

The gala began with the dance Bachelors, which instantly aroused the emotions of the audience with the music and light. In the first chapter, the performersexpressed their changes of feelings from the entrance to the graduation in the years with the songs, dances, and poetry recitation. The song the sourceshowed the idea that one should never forget where his happiness comes from; Feng Jiyong and Chen Bo, members of YSU 3rd Postgraduate Volunteer Education Group called on YSU students to combine the development of individuals and the mission of the times, and strive to get improvedwhile taking on responsibilities, and to repay the university, the country and the people with satisfactory results. Feng Jiyong presented the song Repay the Country with Patriotism.In the second chapter, the students gave perfect performancewith what they had learned. The instrumental performance Big Fish combined double-row keys, Pipa, dulcimer, Zheng, Erhu and other musical instruments; the magic show amazed the audiencewith the coins and the petals; the dance White Featherand Clear Song expressed freedom and beautywith swans agile posture; the music play Farewell YSUreflected the four yearsthe graduates had spent at YSU and theirmemories of teachers and classmates. The scene that Once parting,things are all memories moved many graduates.In the third chapter, the drama performance, the dance, and the chorus conveyed the spirit of the young generation that they will be courageous and brave in the new era. The gala ended in the song Flying Together.

Leaders and performers (Photographed by Zhang Bo, the News Center)

Hosted by YSU committee of the Communist Youth League, the Graduation Gala involved more than 400 cast members. After 7 rehearsals and 10 refinements in 2 months, they presented an unforgettable audio-visual feast for the graduateswith every effort, with which the college life of the graduates end in a satisfactory way. In order to enable more students to watch the gala, ascreen wasset upto provide live broadcast. It is hoped that graduates will continue to uphold the school motto of Social Commitment, Extensive Knowledge, and Practical Action, and to strive, explore and devote in the forefront of the times.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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